Could you build your own team internally?
Of course! If you’re willing and able to invest time, energy and capital to create departments trained to fit your company’s needs, you’ll definitely be able to achieve the results we offer, eventually; though not exactly at the same cost.
However, if you wish to focus your efforts on areas that exclusively require your attention,
Morph Networks is specialized in providing you with the support you need for your day-to-day operations, so you turn your attention to where you feel it’s needed most.
After all, if you so choose, you may take back control over the team we’ve cultivated for you at any point

Who does the training?
While our ultimate goal is to create a team that will function and deliver results independently,
in order to provide the service we so proudly advertise, your guidance during the training process, and your training material is going to be needed. Once we’ve brought our first recruit to a desired level, and once you’ve expressed a need for a larger team, Morph would take over training under the same guidelines you’ve set for our first recruit.

What is our team capacity?
Quite simply put, there is no limit. Our accounts range from a single employee, to a team of 40 individuals. The size of our team is dictated by your company’s request, and your company’s needs.

How do we ensure quality of service?
Each of our team is assigned a manager, interviewing and training recruits, monitoring and managing your team(s) and providing performance reports upon request.
Managers are obligated to document any issues observed, relay them to the senior management team, and if needed, to you directly. Morph Networks prides itself on a very low margin of error, striving to outperform your domestic team’s precision, customer satisfaction, and quality of service; and reduce any outstanding issues, day in and day out.